NIS & Atlus Soundtracks Update
03.20.06 - 2:01 AM

It's been a month-long break at the 'Fan soundtracks section. We're coming back with a bang!

That's right! We're tipping our caps to two of the finest RPG publishers in the United States. Today's update includes a sum total of nine reviews for game soundtracks related to these two companies.

Let's start with the Atlus-based stuff first.

Before the four disc "Integral" soundtrack, Atlus released a bonus disc for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. Doubtless, many of you readers own this album already. For those of you that don't, it's probably because you didn't pick up the game. According to my soundtrack review, you've made a mistake. Correct this error before it's too late.

On March 28, Atlus will be releasing Crea-Tech's Metal Saga in the US for PS2. Many RPG fans will probably overlook this title since it is being released on the same day as Kingdom Hearts II. However, if you are interested in this obscure gem from Atlus, be sure to check out our review of the special-print three disc OST.

Sometime in May, Atlus will be releasing Steambot Chronicles. The game's original (Japanese) title was Ponkotsu Roman Daikgetsuki Bumpy Trot (or just "Bumpy Trot" for short). Team Entertainment released an OST and a vocal album for this game. You better believe we have reviews for both.

Now then, on to NIS America...

About a month ago, NIS published the Idea Factory-developed Generation of Chaos for PSP. A port of the Japanese Generation of Chaos IV, this title marks the first time the series has made it to America (in fact, I believe it's the first US-released Idea Factory title *period*). To celebrate this, we bring you three (the only three) soundtracks printed for this series. First is the bland soundtrack for the first title in the series. Second, reviewed by reader Derek Strange, is the review for Team Entertainment's "The Best", which includes music from I~IV. Finally, thanks to NIS America, a bonus soundtrack was printed for the PSP title, and we have a review handy for that as well!

Finally, we reach my two favorite reviews. It has been announced that NIS America will eventually be publishing the Gust & Banpresto-developed title Ar tonelico. Yes, we already got a review for the OST. But, we didn't review the two vocal albums for the series. I wrote the review for Side Blue (Ao), and Mark P. Tjan wrote the review for Side Crimson (Kurenai). Be sure to listen to these samples. They are pure genius. I'd ask you to listen to track 3 of Side Crimson, but we didn't sample it. You ought to hear it...maybe you should buy it...

In coming weeks, expect more Square-Enix soundtracks, some Suikoden, and even some oldschool Falcom in the mix. Reader reviews? Yeah, they're always welcome! Just send a submission based on the guidelines provided on our soundtrack submissions page!

Patrick Gann