Kid Announces We are Details
03.17.06 - 5:21 PM

Kid today updated the official website for its original PlayStation 2 love adventure We are. The game takes place in Tokyo in the year 2026. A war is still raging on as Yuuya Ayase is graduating from high school. Ten years ago, the game's protagonist lost his parents and younger sister after a military aircraft crashed into their home. Currently he is living in an apartment rented to him by his aunt.

The game will feature the following heroines: Ten Asaka is a fellow student of the protagonist who has pondered suicide, after receiving a conscription order from the military. Since she lost her parents in a nuclear attack on Japan and sees no future for herself, she has decided to commit suicide. Having also lost his family in the war, Yuuya shares her feelings and manages to prevent her from committing suicide. Afterwards she ends up living together with the protagonist in his apartment until the end of the summer holidays, when she is supposed to join the military.

As a result of the incident that killed Yuuya's family, Kikuna Shinmyo can't walk well without her walking stick. Her parents dislike her relationship with Yuuya. While a bright character, she tends to imitate the late sister of the protagonist a lot. Yuzuka Kumano is a classmate of the protagonist and said to be a war orphan. She loves songs and zoos. Shinobu Fuehuki is a runaway girl sleeping on roads or in parks. She is always exchanging emails with her friends back at home. Kaede Inashiki is the daughter of the protagonist's landlady. Yuuya is an older brother figure for her. Karen Fujioka is a 21-year old information management engineer with the maritime self-defense forces.

We are will be released in Japan on July 27th. The game's standard version will be available for 6,800 yen ($57.91 US), while the limited edition will go on sale for 8,800 yen ($74.95 US).

Chris Winkler