Square Enix Soundtrack Reviews
02.14.06 - 12:01 AM

Today, Square Enix released Grandia III in the US. To celebrate this Valentine's gift to us, we're giving a Valentine's gift of our own: twelve Square Enix-related soundtrack reviews!

Let's start with the big names. For Grandia III, reviewer Mike Wilson reviews the two disc OST, and I have written a review for the game's single "In the Sky" (includes a music video). Iwadare's at it again, and you'll want to check out his work!

Recently announced for a US release of March 28, Kingdom Hearts II had some soundtrack releases that you should know about. Editor Mark P. Tjan has written up his thoughts on the two disc OST, and again, I have reviewed the single (which, again, includes a music video). Along with the single "Passion," I also took a look at the single "Colors" which includes the English song "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts.

Here's a big one: our first soundtrack involving Final Fantasy XII. Yes, it's another single with another video clip. Angela Aki's "Warrior of the Heart" single includes a cover of "Eyes On Me" (from Final Fantasy VIII ) and a video trailer for Final Fantasy XII featuring her theme song "Kiss Me Good-Bye."

Taking a second look at the arranged album for Final Fantasy XI, performed by The Star Onions, Mike Wilson again comes through. This guy is unstoppable! Be sure not to miss this, our second review of a fantastic album.

Reader Ben Schweitzer catches us up on Square Enix's mech-strategy-RPG series by reviewing the OSTs for both Front Mission 4 Plus 1st and Front Mission 5 ~Scars of the War~. Running at a total of seven discs worth of music, Ben has done us quite a service in telling us about these songs (and by providing audio samples for you to hear!). The most recent title includes music from Kenichiro Fukui, a member of the Black Mages who put significant work into the score for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Damian Thomas wrote up a decent summary of Sugiyama's most recent release, "String Quartet Dragon Quest." Yes, we know: the series' music has been milked more than your average Konami game. Let it slide, and just check out the review.

Finally, two obscure soundtracks have been reviewed by the incredible Patrick Gann (...that's me). First up is Depth Fantasia, Enix's now-defunct MMORPG that never made it to the states. The music, unlike the game, is still worth our attention. The other is the OST for Hanjuku Hero VS 3D OST. This one might not be worth our attention, but I reviewed it anyway.

There are plenty of other great soundtrack reviews coming in the future. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming review of Grandia III in the US (by our editor/webmaster John McCarroll)! What are you waiting for...click on the "Soundtracks" button and start reading!

Patrick Gann