Falcom Announces Xanadu Next
08.27.05 - 10:55 PM

Nihon Falcom has announced Xanadu Next, the newest addition to its long-running series of popular action RPGs. Xanadu Next's world will shine in complete 3D and feature seamless transitions between gameplay and event scenes. The game's dungeons will hold tons of treasure chests containing rare items and skill waiting to be discovered.

The game's protagonist is a knight at a time when the fall of the heavily armored warriors has already become reality. A former elite member of the North Sea knights, he is now travelling from place to place as a treasure hunter. He is accompanied by Sharu, who was born in the same orphanage as the protagonist. She knows a lot about archeology and is a special scholar at the Academy. Other characters include the priestess Riese, the female treasure hunter Anies and Dvorak, a highly skilled, polite swordsman whose sword knows no mercy.

System-wise, Xanadu Next will offer a high degree of customization. Upon reaching a level-up, players will be rewarded with bonus points. They can can freely distribute those points to improve their character's various stats. These stats in turn determine which weapons and armor can be equipped by the player. With the continued use of your arsenal's weapons, your skill level will increase and your character will master skills. The more weapons a players uses, the more skills he will master. To use magic in Xanadu Next, so-called Spell Books are required. The more common type of these books are readily available in tool shops, while the ones holding more powerful spells are hidden in the depth of Xanadu's dungeons. In addition to magic, players can also call upon the assistance of Guardians in battle. These creatures are sealed in cards and support the character with added effects such as "HP Up".

Xanadu Next will be available in Japan on October 27th. The standard version will go on sale for 6,800 yen ($61.72 US), while the limited edition of the game is available at the Falcom online store for a special price of 7,770 yen ($70.52 US) including shipping and handling charges. The latter will ship with an artbook, the Xanadu Music Chronicle album and a reprint of the two-disc Kaze no Densetsu Xanada I and II Complete reprint soundtrack. In the US Xanadu Next was released for Nokia's N-Gage handheld system.

Chris Winkler