GN Software Announces New Izumo 2, I/O Details
08.15.05 - 6:34 PM

GN Software has announced new details regarding its two newest PlayStation 2 titles, Izumo 2: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki and I/O.

Izumo 2 is a remake of Studio e.go's PC-based RPG sequel. Originally released for the PC platform on July 30th, 2004, Izumo 2 takes place 20 years after the original game. Following a major earthquake, the game's protagonist Takeru Yagi and his fellows end up in another world. Among those fellow students is Takeru's rival Takeshi Yamato. Izumo 2 will feature a turn-based battle system that supports up to six active party members. The combo system based on the five elements wood, fire, water, earth and metal also makes its return. The game's heroines include Takeru and Takeshi's beautiful childhood friend Kotono Shiratori, the sister of one of Izumo's heroines Seri Oosu, the cool Mai Kitakawa, as well as Kotono's younger sister Asuka.

Izumo 2: Takeki Tsurugi no Senki will be released in Japan on November 23rd. The standard version will be available for 6,800 yen ($62.07 USD), while the limited edition first print will cost 8,800 yen ($80.32 USD).

I/O is a mystery adventure game developed by Regista. Despite taking place in Tokyo in the year 2032, I/O has been inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian Gilgamesh Epic. The game puts players in the roles of various protagonists. 15-year old high school student Hinata Aoi has no real willingness to live and just leads a lethargic life. Since the sudden disappearance of his sister Mitsuki his lethargy has only become worse. Then, after receiving a mysterious email, he begins to look into the reasons behind his sister's disappearance. Ishtar is the 18-year old female leader of a group of hackers. She is very helpful and possesses tremendous charisma. The mysterious woman combines female innocence with the tolerance of a mother. In fact, there is not one Ishtar, but two. The second Ishtar is searching for something very important and is slightly cooler than her counterpart. The game's fourth protagonist is a mysterious man only known under his nickname "He". Entirely on his own he is opposing a certain organisation. He has no friends.

System-wise, I/O is a traditional novel adventure. As usual for a representative of this genre, players are required from time to time to select between two possible answers to push the story forward. Depending on which of the four protagonists the player selects in the beginning of the game, a completely different story will develop. The game will support full voice acting for all characters, including the protagonists.

I/O will be available in Japan sometime this fall.

Chris Winkler