Summer of Falcom Music Pt. 3
08.02.05 - 3:12 AM

The 'Fan's soundtracks section has seen a lot of improvement this summer. Almost 100 reviews have been added in the last four months, and we have no intention of stopping. We know you appreciate our opinions (maybe), and you definitely appreciate accurate tracklist translations, image scans, and audio samples.

I begin today's news by informing you that we have updated the Falcom Special Box 2004 page with a tracklist and video samples from the "movies" disc of the eight disc mammoth set. Rejoice!

Twelve reviews today. Some need no real descriptions. We have both "first part" and "second part" OSTs for The Legend of Heroes III "White Witch" and The Legend of Heroes V "A Cagesong of the Ocean", as well as a review for the opening single for the PSP version of The Legend of Heroes III, first in the Gagharv Trilogy. Oh yes, and we also have a review of the "Electric Orchestra" album for this game, which was reprinted separately from its original appearance on Falcom Special Box '95 (which we have had reviewed for a month now). Every time I announce anything on this series, I wish Falcom wouldn't have made its categorization so complicated! Anyway, the music here is all pretty good: that opening song from vocalist "riya" is one of the best pop songs I've heard in my entire life. Check it out.

On the "softer side" of things, we find reviews for Falcom's "PrePrimer II", as well as "Ys Healing" and "Ys Piano Collection 2". Picking up the pace a bit, we have "Symphony Ys -21st Century-", a promotional item that in many ways outdid its widely available symphonic predecessors.

Finally, there is the "Ys Premium Music CD Box in Felghana", an outrageous eight disc set featuring all sorts of music from Ys III, including a new disc called "Ys -The Oath in Felghana- Pre Arrange Version" (which we have also reviewed separately, as it is new). That's something to get excited about.

As these Falcom reviews have generally come from a hand-picked group of people, I feel I should take some time to talk about them.

First there's me. I reviewed a number of these soundtracks, because I think Falcom creates some quality videogame music.

Then there's Derek Strange. He's a handy-dandy reader-reviewer that thought it would be best if he chipped in whenever he could. Expect more from him in the near future.

Finally, there's Connary. This guy is a Falcom fanatic. To prove it, I have linked below his page of "Falcom rarities", where you can find more pictures of the Oath in Felghana Box Set, among other things.

Alright, that ends the update proper. One final note: on the soundtracks main page, I have added a note about tracklist translations for the new user who may be confused when on one soundtrack he sees the track title "Time Passes Swiftly" and on another soundtrack for the same game sees the track title "Fleeting Time", though he is sure they are the same song originally. This is an important note to read, so please do so.

Next week will be a small update, but will feature some major titles. Thanks for reading!

Patrick Gann