New Drag-on Dragoon 2 Gallery
03.31.05 - 12:57 AM

Taking place 18 years after the original game, Drag-on Dragoon (Drakengard) 2: Fuuin no Kurenai, Haitoku no Kuro introduces a fair number of new features bound to bring gamers back for the sequel. The game's developer, Cavia, has implemented many changes to their newest action RPG, some of which include the use of supporting cast characters in combat. There are no limitations when switching characters in battle and using certain weapon types will also allow you to control certain characters. As well, the addition of towns allows the player to purchase items, weapons and accessories using money gained by slaying enemies. We have 4 screenshots and 5 FMV screenshots of this new dragon-fueled adventure for everyone to mull over until new media for the title is unveiled.

Drag-on Dragoon 2: Fuuin no Kurenai, Haitoku no Kuro will be available in Japan on June 16th for the Playstation 2, and same as the original will be published by Square Enix. A North American release has yet to be announced.

Rebecca Cheng