Soundtracks Update Featuring Stella Deus
01.29.05 - 6:20 PM

It may not be the best music of 2004, but in this update we have three soundtrack reviews from the last six months (including the highly-acclaimed Stella Deus), as well as some fairly old domestic releases.

Reader Jesse Jones kicks things off by reviewing "The Black Mages II: The Skies Above." That's right, the group featuring Tsuyoshi Sekito and other Square composers brings even more classic Final Fantasy music in the most hard-rockin' way they know how. How does it compare to the first album? Is it worth purchasing? The short answer is yes: the long answer is found in Jones' review.

As for me, Patrick Gann, I reviewed one very good and one very bad soundtrack from the previous year, each from a hit strategy RPG. One of them is the Stella Deus OST. The other is the OST for the GBA re-release of the original Shining Force, now entitled Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. Can you guess which one I found more appealing? The answer is plain to many, but be sure to read the reviews for more details.

To top things off, new contributing previews editor Mike Wilson filled in the gaps in our massive Final Fantasy database by reviewing to domestically-released soundtracks, each from Tokyopop. One is the Final Fantasy IV "Official Soundtrack", the other is Final Fantasy IX: "Uematsu's Best Selection". About four years ago, these CDs were lined up to sell at your local EB, Gamestop, and other stores. Now they are slightly more difficult to find.

Also, though it's been officially stated on the site already, I'd like to remind the faithful RPGFan reader that reviews of the Baten Kaitos and Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia OSTs were added to the soundtracks section last week, alongside reader and editor reviews of the games.

Next update, expect a blast from the past when we post reviews of classic soundtracks from Falcom, Glodia, Game Arts, and others! Until then, enjoy the music!

Patrick Gann