D3 Publisher Sets Up European Subsidiary
12.19.04 - 3:45 PM

D3 Publisher has announced the creation of D3DB S.p.I. The new Milano Italia-based company will be responsible for planning, development and sales operations in Europe. It will be partially owned by D3 Publisher and its Italian partner Digital Bros. S.p.A. Among the new company's first objectives will be the introduction of the popular Simple 2000 series of budget re-releases on the European market.

Founded in 1989, Digital Bros. S.p.A. currently owns a market share of close to 30% on the Italian market. Previously, D3 Publisher has already established a subsidiary in the US. The Tokyo-based company is best known for its HuneX-developed love adventures and the highly popular Simple 2000 series of budget titles in Japan.

Chris Winkler