Import Retro Review: Never 7: The End of Infinity
12.16.04 - 10:24 PM

Debates about whether or not a game released in December 2000 could really be considered 'retro' aside, Never 7: The End of Infinity is at least nowhere near a recent release. A love adventure (or dating sim, if you prefer) released in the second year of the ill-fated Dreamcast's lifespan, Never 7 was destined to never see a release outside of Japan. The game later saw a re-release on the PlayStation 2, though this of course stayed in its homeland as well.

Neal (yes, him again!) has written up a review of this mostly-unknown title, and scored it rather favorably. Without knowledge of the language, you may not be able to even play it, but if you've wondered what's so special about this mostly Japan-only genre, give the review a read below.

Mike Salbato