Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy I and II Advance
04.19.04 - 9:01 PM

In a recent interview, the head of Square's seventh production team Takashi Tokita talked about the recently announced Final Fantasy I and II Advance and the possibility of further Game Boy Advance releases. Apparently his company was asked by Nintendo to bring Final Fantasy III to its handheld platform as well. Regarding the development status of the remake of the game, Tokita mentioned it had not been abandoned, instead the only problem was the timing for the game's release. Final Fantasy III had been in development for Bandai's WonderSwan Color, but after Square Enix reported some difficulties with the game's conversion early last year, the development status has been unknown and it was widely speculated that the project had been cancelled.

As for the newest remakes of the Final Fantasy series' first two installments, Tokita mentioned that while the illustrations might look childish, they were generated to create interest. The director of Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve and Hanjuku Hero series mastermind also said, he could see himself creating an original Game Boy Advance title.

Final Fantasy I and II Advance will be released in Japan in July.

Chris Winkler