Konami Updates Official Suikoden IV Website
04.11.04 - 12:30 AM

Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo has updated the official website of its newest RPG title Suikoden IV for PlayStation 2. While all sections of the site will be accessible on April 20th, the company is already providing information on the game's cast. Below you will find a run-down of all characters who have been revealed so far:

Protagonist: Suikoden IV's nameless hero of unknown age is the bearer of the Rune of Punishment. The orphan first worked as a servant for a feudal lord, before joining the Knights of the Sea.

Snow Fingerfoot: A 19-year old, who also is a member of the Knights of the Sea, sees in the protagonist a younger brother and hence looks after him. Snow also happens to be the heir apparent to the Fingerfoot family, which controls Gaien.

Glen Cott: Glen is commander of the Sea Knights and in this position also trains rookies like the protagonist and Snow. Being 53 years old he is an old-style warrior, strict but at the same time responsible.

Catharina: Behind Glen, the 30-year old is second in command of the Knights of the Sea. She is very laid-back and in possession of strong magic ability.

Cheepu: He is a young Cat person, with a weakness for sunshine and cheese. He dreams of becoming a great merchant one day.

Tal: Another member of the Knights of the Sea. While strong physically, the loud 21-year old's mental capabilities are limited. He likes fishing.

Kenneth: An orphan just like the protagonist, the 19-year old Kenneth is a cool and agile warrior. He is also a member of the Knights of the Sea.

Jewel: A female member of the Knights of the Sea, Jewel is a lowbrow girl. The 16-year old, who is very physical, also has at least one eye on Snow.

Paula: The 17-year old female elf is a reticent member of the Knights of the Sea, who seems to like fruits. She emits a cold feeling.

Troy: Strongly believing in what he sees is right, the 31-year old Troy is a serious warrior.

Colton: Despite acting as Troy's righthand man, the 59-year old Colton views the warrior as his son.

Suikoden IV will be available in Japan sometime this summer for 6,980 yen ($65.58 US).

Chris Winkler