Princess Soft Announces F - Fanatic Details
03.11.04 - 10:49 AM

Princess Soft has released first details regarding its adventure title F - Fanatic for PlayStation 2 and PC. Taking place in late 19th century London, the game puts the player in command of 19-year old Daily London reporter William Dostein, who is searching for Jack the Ripper. Apart from this famous episode of British history, the game will feature characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes as well as H.G. Well's The Island of Dr Moreau. To further the image of classic Victorian London, F - Fanatic depicts a change in people's mindset as the industrial revolution picks up steam and slowly but surely replaces the mysterious art that was alchemy. The novel-type adventure will also ask the philosophical question "what is a human-being?".

A total of eight heroines are set to appear in the game: 17-year old Karen Wilson is the daughter of Daily London editor-in-chief Scott Wilson. She views William, who is living with the Wilsons, as a bad brother, but also finds him sweet. The mysterious, dagger-wielding Fran happens to be present on any crime scene related to the Ripper. 12-year old Alicia Fiorize lives next to the place where William is living. She has a a weak constitution and refers to William as her big brother. Annie White is a young, female pickpocket living in the White Chapel slums. After trying to steal William's purse, she becomes acquainted to him and promptly dragged into the Ripper case. Lisa Lilu is a fortune teller who is helping William to find the Ripper with her skills. Lee Yungfa is the 16-year old maid of William's close friend Archibald. Law Yuelung is a beautiful old friend of Lisa's from China, but happens to play the role of an antagonist in the game. Last but not least, there is Miria Fiorize, a 35-year old widow. The gentle lady is also looking after the motherless Karen.

F - Fanatic will be available on May 27th. The PlayStation 2 first print limited edition and the PC version will be available for 7,800 yen ($70.42 US) each. The standard edition PlayStation 2 version will cost 6,800 yen ($61.39 US).

Chris Winkler