New Popolocrois Tsuki no Okite no Bouken Details Announced
12.06.03 - 4:13 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced new details regarding the newest addition to its light-hearted RPG series Popolocrois, Tsuki no Okite no Bouken. At the game's beginning, the protagonist's entire kingdom including his parents, the king and the queen are turned to stone. Hence he, Luna and Malk have to embark on a new adventure to break the spell. Unlike in previous installments however, this time the player will have a total of six characters at his disposal. Joining the three well-known faces mentioned above will be Elena, Monba and the magic king Gamigami.

Popolocrois Tsuki no Okite no Bouken will be available in Japan on January 29th, 2004 for 5,800 yen ($53.87 US).

Chris Winkler