Baten Kaitos - Preview and Media update
11.17.03 - 8:04 PM

It's that time of the month again: Another media update for Namco's Baten Kaitos. Due out next month in Japan on the RPG-starved GameCube, the game is being developed by the people behind Xenosaga - MonolithSoft. Of course, if you really want information on the game, you should read our preview, linked below.

On to the media. For starters, we have one new piece of artwork. More interestingly, we've also added 31 screen shots to the gallery. Despite the fact this title has nothing to do with Chrono Trigger in any way, fans of Square's title might notice some interesting similarities on page 4 of the gallery. Despite the fact that Masato Katou worked on both Chrono titles and is scenario writer on Baten Kaitos, these are most definitely a coincidence.

Baten Kaitos is due for release in Japan on December 5th. No North American release has been announced yet, but could very likely happen next year.

Stephanie Michaels