Japanese Weekly Sales Update

In the week prior to the releases of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Nintendo's newest handheld GameBoy Advance SP, sales in Japan have been rather slow. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby recovered some lost ground by climbing back to spots 5 and 6 by selling 26,417 copies (for a total of 1,967,170) and 24,820 copies (for a total of 1,924,685) respectively. Nippon Ichi's PlayStation 2 strategy RPG Makaisenki - Disagaia slipped from spot 3 to 8 after selling 20,872 copies this week for a total of 70,293 copies. The Mega Hits edition of Square's 2001 hit Final Fantasy X came in at spot 18, selling 6,353 copies to brings its total to 30,006 copies. The recent incarnation of The Legend of Zelda, Kaze no Takuto lost four spots to come in at 23 by selling 5,367 copies this week and 601,230 copies total since its December 13th release. The international version of Square's collaboration with Disney Interactive, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, follows on spot 24 selling 5,313 copies this week for a total of 336,900 copies. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is followed by another Square title at spot 30: Unlimited SaGa, which sold 3,790 copies this week and a total of 390,936 since its December 26th release. Sony Computer Entertainment's Level 5-developed PS2 RPG Dark Chronicle climbed back to spot 45 this week by selling 2,397 copies (for a total of 230,093 copies). NEC Interchannel's Pia Carrot he you koso 2 for the Dreamcast has entered the charts at spot 49 selling 2,283 copies.

In even fresher sales-related news, the two versions of Namco's Venus and Braves sold 35,000 copies on February 13th, the day of the game's release.

02.15.03 - 8:56 PM
Chris Winkler