Let's Travel the World of RPGs Campaign Called Off

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the cancellation of its RPG no Sekai wo Tabi Shiyou (Let's travel the world of RPGs) campaign. The lucky winners of this campaign were supposed to go on trips to the United States and Europe, however considering the possibility of a war in Iraq and global terror threats, the company decided to cancel these trips. Still there is no reason for the winners to be sad, as SCE will compensate them by paying out the amount of money equal to the trips' worth.

The RPG no Sekai wo Tabi Shiyou Campaign promoted the following five big RPG releases: Square's Unlimited SaGa, Namco's Tales of Destiny 2, Capcom's Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, Bandai's .hack Volume 2 and Sony Computer Entertainment's own Dark Chronicle.

02.14.03 - 1:04 AM
Chris Winkler