Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II Preview Update

Hello again RPG fans,

Who'd have thunk we'd have two GameCube RPGs headlining this month? This week, our very own resident PSO veteran, Jason Walton, brings us up to speed on Phantasty Star Online: Episode I & II for the GameCube. Newcomers to the series will be impressed with just how much the game has to offer, and from what we've seen so far, fans of the previous versions will find plenty to fall in love with all over again.

Officially slated for an October release, GC owners will have much online lovin' months before the XBox crowd does (you lucky bastards!). Special thanks to all of the PSO fansites that have been instrumental in the writing of this preview and for helping to maintain the PSO community even after the demise of the Dreamcast. You guys rock! Without further ado...

09.16.02 - 1:02 AM
Stephen Harris