Lineage Episode 11 Released, Mac Client Update and More!

One of the many MMORPGs out there, Lineage, has received quite a bit of updates in the past week.

First off, the biggest change was the release of Lineage Episode 11: Oren, released on July 17. The update, weighing in at about 30 megs, features the following changes and updates:

Oren art and map files have been added. Included in this publish are the Ivory Tower, Ivory Tower Town, Crystal Cavern dungeon, Border Fortress, and a wasteland filled with undead Elmore soldiers from the famed war with Elmore.

Additional magic spells are available with this episode. The magic update includes changes/additions to regular magic and the introduction of spirit (Elven) magic. Spirit magic can be learned by Elves at the Mother Tree or in the training room at the Ivory Tower. Items related to learning and casting spirit magic spells include spirit crystals, which serve as spellbooks, and spirit gems, which are like magic gems for regular magic.

The NPC Ellyonne can instruct Elves on the use of spirit magic. Elves can learn the common line, and at level 30 may choose an elemental line to specialize in. Ellyonne can be found in the Ivory Tower.

New hunting grounds have been added, including areas of the Ivory Tower (4th through 8th floor).

Demon armor and death knight armor is added.

Sayha’s bow is added.

New loot items have been added to certain creatures.

Bius in Oren will sell a map of the area.

New monsters related to the Oren area and both new player zones have bean added.

Teleportation (spell or scroll) will not work in dragon lairs, including teleporting out with a scroll of escape.

The ‘Party System’ has been modified to increase the experience bonus given to party members. The experience bonus will increase depending on the number of players within the party. Additional experience will be given if/when a Prince/Princess leads a party. The additional experience bonus rate is not necessarily applied to players who do not stay on the same screen as the rest of the group.

Characters will not lose experience until reaching level 10.

The minimum level for polymorphing into a dark elf has been changed from 40 to 52 and it can shoot arrows at a much higher speed.

The delay has increased on the time between successive uses of the scroll of resurrection. Players cannot use it more than one time without waiting 10 seconds.

Players under the spell Curse: Blind are no longer able to stop the spell’s effect themselves by drinking potions. They must wait until the effect wears off or is cancelled.

Added a minimum level to some of items for HP/MP boost:
Singing Island amulet lev. 5
Hidden Valley amulet lev. 5
Amulet of orc fighter lev. 10
Old belt lev. 15
Belt lev. 30
Shield of Eva lev. 40

Blank scrolls are now in the game. Mages can write spells to blank scrolls, creating a magic spell scroll (much like scrolls of resurrection, escape, etc.). They can be used by all classes, but only Wizards can create them. The Wizard’s level must be equal to the ‘level of the blank scroll * 8’ in order to successfully create the new spell scroll. Mages can craft the spells by double clicking on the blank scroll and then selecting the spell they want to create.

In addition to this new release, an updated Mac client is now available, fixing a movement issue during 'nighttime display'. To get the update, players simply need to close Lineage (assuming it's running), and reconnect.

In related news, Lineage II is still in development and is scheduled for a release in early 2003. For those interested, NCsoft has no plans for a Mac version at this time.

Finally, there will be some new changes made tomorrow (July 24) at 10 am (Central) on the US servers. Said changes are detailed below:

Summon numbers are immediately affected by charisma, such as when charisma changes during removal/wearing of charisma-affecting items.

Fixed a restart issue when restarting near Heine.

Graphics issues around the Chaotic Temple have been fixed.

Fixed a display issue with Hit Point/Mana Point display upon death.

Pledge storage will be available for the Princes, Princesses and the members who are given a title by their Prince/Princess. A player who is over level 40 and self-titled should receive a title from a Prince or Princess in order to use pledge storage.

Players can now take Gerard’s quest (Road of Pain) carrying their items; however, they are not allowed to use any items other than a dagger and some form of light (candle, lamp, or lantern) once they enter the cave.

Tamed monsters may not attack a player character standing in their way. They're now under the same rule as summoned monsters and dogs.

07.23.02 - 6:24 PM
Mike Salbato