Ragnarok English Beta 2 Delayed

Gravity announced in a news post on their site today that the Ragnarok Online English beta 2 servers launch date has been changed from July 9th to July 16th. Players can go ahead though and download the beta 2 client, which is available as one large file for those of us blessed with a high-speed connection, or in little chunks for the poor fools still stuck on dial-up.

Here's some details on what's new in beta 2:

1. When upgrading a job into the 2nd profession,
remaining skill points will be deleted. Gravity suggests spending every skill point into the first profession's skills before switching to the next.

2. 6 Advanced jobs have been added, with new skills.

3. Quests for changing jobs have been added for both 1st and 2nd professions. If you want to change your job, you have to pass a quest for if you want to switch.

4. Guild System Added
a) Guild is organized with one ore named `Emperium". Command is `/guild [guild name]", horcut for guild information is ALT+G.
b) Chat between guildmen is possible with the command /gc [dialogue] ,$ [dialogue ] or just write down dialogue first and press ALT+ENTER.
c) New Ore `Emperium" is dropped by a few of the newly added Monsters, but chances of this are low.
d) With this system added, various lesser systems have been added to, such as emblem, party experience and level, and exception skills for party (though this hasn't been implemented yet.

5. Alignment System Added
a) Enabled from Basic Skill Level 8.
b) Ability to distribute alignment points.
c) `View" menu will be added and you can check other players' alignment.
d) Item Drop Chance,Tendency Penalty/Bonus will be added soon.

6. Refining System Added.
a) Allows for certain items to be refined with a NPC.
b) Ability to overlap refining on one item continuously, but the chance for success will decrease.
c) If refinement fails, the item will return to its original form.

7. Compounding (with Cards) Added.
a) When clicking "view" on the description of a card, you can see the enlarged illustration.
b) Every card affects the equippable items. Double-clicking on a card allows compounding on a equipment.
c) Some card abilities are not implemented yet, but are promised to be soon.

8. Arena Added in Izlude, the satellite of Prontera.
a) Two types of arenas - Battle Ordeal (AKA Royal Rumble) and a Time Limit Fight. More styles to be added soon.
b) Rank record system is not implemented yet.

9. Fog effect Added. You can turn it off/on with the comand, "/fog".

10. Abnormal Status Added.
- Stunned : Makes the player's status "Fainted," rendering them immobile for a while.
- Darkened : Similar to being temporarily blinded, the playing screen will darken.
- Sleep : Player will fall asleep, but will awaken if attacked by a monster.
* Those are not fully implemented yet.

11. Skill Delay time Implemented. The time differs depending on a skill and its level.
- Acolyte (Heal,Increase AGI, Decrease AGI, Aqua Benedicta, Sygnum Crusis, Angelus, Cure)
- Priest (Impositio Manus, Suffragium, Aspersio, Recovery,Magnificat, Lex Divina, Turn Undead, Lex Aeterna, Magnus Excorsismus)
- Mage (Napalm Beat, Soul strike, Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightening Bolt, Frost Diver, Fire Ball, Thunder Storm)
- Wizard(Sightlasher, Meteor Storm, Lord of Vermilion, Frost Nova, Storm Gust, Earth Spike, Heaven's Drive, Quagmire)

12.Training Ground (Newbie Land) Activated

13. When changing a Job into the 2nd profession, fixed Stat Points left over from the first profession will be fully reset. New fixed stat points will be given by the 2nd profession when level up.

The following has been changed from Beta 1:

1. Some of the 1st job skills have been rebalanced or newly implemented.

- When a Swordman learns [Increase HP recovery], it affects the amount of recovery(edible) items. (When Lv 1 - 110%, Lv 2 - 120%, Lv 10 - 200%) Amount of HP regenerated by [Increase HP recovery] is increased by MaxHP. (It was limited from 5 to Max 50 in Beta 1)
- Mage's Fire Wall Repeat-casting is limited by skill level and Damage has bee reduced by Half.
- Acolyte's Pnuma forms a prefect barrier against long-ranged attacks.
- Acolyte's Aqua Benedicta makes Holy Water with an Empty Bottle and Water.
- Merchant's Item Appraisal identifies unidentified items without "Amplifier," the tool for one appraisal.

1) Two-Handed Sword Mastery skill requirement has been lowered to One-Handed Mastery Lv 1. Also, the effects of both skills has changed from +3 points to +5.
2) Divine Protection, Demonbane, Signum Crusis, Blessing affects on the Spirit also work on more than just the Undead.
3) Ruwache and Sight can be mastered on LV 1, so other conditions have changed as well.
4) Teleport has been limited to Lv 2. At Teleport Lv2, Warp Portal can be learned. Warp Portal has been limited to Lv 4. This means that it's much more intensive to learn both of these skills.

2. Vital ability has changed.
- Amount of Recovery (Edible) items are increased by VIT. (VIT 1 allows 1% of them)

3. Teleport Corporation removed

4. With the condition 3, Kapra's Staff provide Cart Service, Storage Service, and Save Service.

5. Equipment dropped from a monster needs appraisal with an Amplifier, the disposable identifying tool. Kit shop sells Amplifiers.

6. Former Monster Abilities have been modified. Item Price has been changed also.

7. Upon death, you will lose 5% of your EXP points as a penalty. If you die in a dungeon, your equipped item has a 3% chance of being dropped. These percentages will also soon be affected by your alignment.

8. You are unable to exit the game right after using a skill or while fighting.

9. Party EXP bug fixed

10. Dexterity instead of Agility makes casting magic quicker.

11. Looting Monsters can swallow unlimited items, but will only drop the first 10 things they took upon defeat.

12. Each arrow has 0.1 weight. Each Silver/Fire Arrow has 0.2 weight.

Beta 2 will also allow players to create their own guilds, even with their own Guild Emblem. Gravity suggests to create them like this:

Open Microsoft Paint and create an emblem. You're restricted to 24x24, though you can use 256 different colors on it. Once you're finished, put the picture in the Ragnarok Online _tempEmblem folder. Now everyone can see your guild emblem when they click on you.

In other Ragnarok news, the game's database is being reset to prepare for beta 2 and to rebalance the game's structure, which has been destroyed by bots, illegal trading, and item duplication. Never fear though, things such as items, character stats, and skill points will be redistributed. Here are the changes that will be made with the database reset:

1. New EXP point system - Base Level 99 beta 1 will be modified into Level 66 in beta 2. Job level will not change.

2. Players will be able to keep equipped items in the reset. Anything in inventory, storage, or a cart will be gone.

3. Players will be able to keep 10,000 zeny per level. Anything over that will be reset.

4. Stat and Skill points will be redistributed automatically. Stat Points will be distributed by the new Base Level System.

Gravity does apologize for the convenience, saying, "We tender our apologies by bowing many times."

07.11.02 - 12:33 AM
Nicole Monet Kirk