Varanowar Details

Idea Factory has opened the official website for its newest Kingdom of Chaos game, Varanowar - Kingdom of Chaos The Universe, an adventure and simulation game hybrid for PlayStation 2.

Myuu and his grandfather are working as chimney sweepers, but one day he receives a sword from pops. Afterwards, the 13 year old receives admission for entering the second grade of Hero Training School. And while the young boy refers to himself as "boku" (Japanese for "I", which is usually used by males only), his favorite wastes of time are cooking and sewing. At first glance he even looks like a girl. Even while attending classes at the Hero Training School, he continues to help with the house work and chimney sweeping. Ryuuto, Varanowar's female lead is also 13 years old and a student at the school. Her skills are superior to those of her classmates. Being the daughter of the hero Saga Crystal, she dreams of being as equally great a hero as her old man. After clashing with Myuu and losing to him, she becomes his rival. Despite her good manners and happiness, her mouth isn't always as courteous.

Other classmates of the two include Nolan, Kolun, Shuu and Nagi.

Varanowar features randomly generated dungeons, whose structure, appearance and items found inside change each time you enter. Even more intriguing, as you exit a dungeon your character's level will return to one as well. This way the game forces you to recognize and remember your enemies' weaknesses. As for the actual battle system itself, expect typical turn-based strategy action a la Idea Factory.

A Varanowar anime is also in the making as part of the company's cooperation with TI Tokyo.

Varanowar is set to be released sometime this summer.

07.07.02 - 3:21 PM
Chris Winkler