Anarchy Online Recieves Patch - UPDATE

Anarchy Online recently recieved a patch that fixes a number of minor mistakes within the game. This includes a bug that caused players to take damage when using elevators in team games, a bug that made it impossible to run nano programs in indoor playfields, a bug that causes a server crash, and an improvement on server frame rate. Other changes occured in multiple fields.

General Changes:

-The one time offer of a full IP reset has now been removed.
-Health and nano settings will now match for player and team members watching a player, regardless of distance and health or nano modifiers.
-Players will now only be able to generate new missions every two seconds.
-The "dribble down" rules for ranged energy weapons have been fixed.
-Improved text, layout, colours, links and more in regards to the new help system.
-Zoning while flying will now preserve altitude.
-Four new options have now been introduced: Auto-Attack for monsters/players, and Auto-Targeting for monsters/players.
-Using the stationary surgery clinics no longer locks treatment skills.
-Some minor armor trade-skill processes have been added.
-New chest models have been added.
-A map of Broken Shores is now available.
-Shrines called "Shadow Rifts" can now be found in mission dungeons. These will cast a buff on the player when they are opened.
-Fixed a problem with charmed mobs not being cleared from pet's hate lists.
-Mission keys will now always time out after the mission is completed.
-Fixed a bug with cloaks not showing on other clients when a player leaves polymorph.
-Fixed a bug with the surgery clinic, you are now able to use it several times in a row.
-Fixed a bug with the client timer when minimising the window. In some cases this could stop time on your client.
-Pets will no longer lose health when they zone.
-Fixed a bug with the "Trash King quest", giving you too many token points under certain circumstances.
-A character's buff effects and name will no longer be visible before he has actually zoned into a playfield.
-A new tip system has been integrated into the game, which will give new players tips in pop up windows.

Launcher Changes:

-The launcher now gives a warning to the player if he or she does not have enough graphics resolution for the selected resolution.
-If the player is running a 32 bit desktop and window-mode on a VooDoo3 graphics card, he or she will get a warning that the desktop should be changed to 16-bit.
-A bug was fixed so that the launcher would no longer always run in window-mode the first time Anarchy was run, even if window-mode was not selected.

Character Creation Changes:

-Players no longer get a new first name and last name every time they use the nickname terminal.
-When creating a new character, you will now find the most common action icons default on the shortcut bar.

World Map and Chat Changes:

-A new world map has been made.
-Players will now recieve feedback in the chat when they miss an attack.

NPC and Monster Changes:

-Team mission bosses now drop more items.
-The number of additional NPCs in the team mission boss room has been tweaked.
-The frightened rollerrats players might encounter when opening chests will now aggro.
-A number of new team boss monster types have been added.
-Tarasque and Morgan La Faye have been given some new skills.
-NPCs under the influence of a calm nano will no longer cast advantageous nanos on themselves.
-The high level doctors heal "Complete Healing" have been removed from all NPCs.

Item Changes:

-New static missions have been introduced.
-The amount of charges on some products players can make with pharmacy has been increased.
-Tank armor has slightly increased AC.
-The Madam Freeze weapon has a corrected description.
-A problem wth the gaphics in "Smelly Butcher Gloves" has been fixed.
-A problem with the requirements of the "Gift of the Old Gargantula" has been fixed.
-Players no longer need to have the stamina of a bronto to wear the "Frederickson Micro-Kinetic Sleeves."
-A bug with the damage given by cloaking devices has been fixed.
-NPCs will no longer have a large amount of critical attacks against Grid Armor.

Playfield Changes:

-Different types of monster have established small camps.
-Profession-specific implant departments are now available in basic supermarkets.
-More changes in the Whom-Pah system have been introduced.
-The clans have built a new outpost in Varmint Woods.
-A base in Southern Artery Valley has been reopened by Omni-Tek.
-Omni-Tek now has an operational save terminal in Southern Artery Valley.
-Chaos minions will no longer spawn at the NW mine in Lush Fields.
-Suppression gas in Belial Forest and Southern Artery Valley has been increased to monster only.
-ICC has opened a Whom-Pah node to easier make contact with the different alignments.
-Neutral traders have opened a new shop in Newland Desert.
-The sun will no longer set in the training grounds.
-Fixed some shop signs in Omni-Entertainment and 4 Holes.
-Aquaan monsters have been removed from Newland.
-Some monsters have established new camps in Southern Artery Valley.
-Water animations have been improved.

Trader Changes:

-Trader health-transfers have been changed.

Fixer Changes:

-A new grid for the Fixers have been introduced.
-A new item that enables Fixers to fix better nano skills has been added.
-A new line of regeneration nanos have been added.
-The NCU cost on existing Heal-over-time buffs has been decreased.
-The damage penalty associated with run speed buffs has been decreased.
-Added team versions of run speed buffs.
-A line of team NCU buffs has been added.
-The "Minor Suppressor" line has been extended.
-Items summoned wwith "Smuggler's Shipment", "Bootleg Blades'n Blunts" and "Bootlet Beamers'n Bolters" will now exist for 12 hours rather than 2.

Martial Artist Changes:

-"Lesser Controlled Rage" now stacks with "First Strike."
-"Healing Aura" now has the correct crystal icon (blue instead of red).
-Added a minor form of crowd control, a short duration area of effect fear nano.
-The "Shen" attack has been modified.
-The wall blade and parry stick have had their damage increased somewhat.
-"Cohort" and "Horde" have been fixed and buff MAs in the team.
-Martial Artists will now use their kick animation more often.
-The martial arts special attacks have been changed slightly to stop an exploitable situation.

Agent Changes:

-The Agent hologram items introduced in the last patch have been fixed.
-The cool down periods associated with the "Sureshot" and "Concentration" lines are no longer reset on death.

Adventurer Changes:

-Added three new lines of nano buffs.
-A number of nanos have been added. They are only possible to execute when in polymorph form.
-A series of secondary damage shield nanos has been added.
-A line of leet charms have been added, and are only usable when the player is polymorphed into leet form.
-The night vision effect from the adventurer's wolf and pit lizard polymorph has been removed.
-The adventurer now has some crowd control.

Soldier Changes:

-"Phalanx" has been fixed and is now truly an AC buff affecting all soldiers in the team.

Trade skill Changes:

-Players can now make "Treatment Libraries".
-The price of the trade-skill components for making nano crystals has been dramatically decreased.
-It is now possible to over-tune tank armour.

Organization Changes:

-Two new organisation commands have been added: one that pays credit to each member of the organization, and one that displays the player's unpaid organization debt.

07.01.02 - 5:18 PM
Abraham Ashton Liu