Matsuno Comments on FFT for the GBA

Square's Yasumi Matsuno, best known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story while currently heading up Final Fantasy XII development, spoke with Weekly Famitsu about Final Fantasy Tactics for Game Boy Advance.

According to Matsuno the game will be slightly changed to ensure a good usability of the game on the handheld platform. Furthermore, he explained that the development team is made up of former Quest (Tactics Ogre) staffers. The GBA version of FFT is currently 30% complete and will be released sometime in Winter 2002.

On an interesting site note, Matsuno mentioned that Square has acquired the rights to Ogre Battle, meaning future games of the popular strategy series will be published by Square. However, the release of a new Ogre Battle game in the near future is unlikely since Matsuno, who will be busy with the development of Final Fantasy XII until 2003, said he expects to be involved in the development team.

Last, but not least, the development of Final Fantasy XII has begun as of the end of last year. The game will be released sometime in the fiscal year beginning April 1st 2003.

03.27.02 - 3:19 PM
Professor Gast