Atlus Announces Two RPGs for GBA

Atlus has previously announced that it will release Quest's Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, as well as now Hudson's Robopon 2 Ring and Cross versions for GameBoy Advance in the US.

Tactics Ogre, the fourth installment of the acclaimed Ogre Battle series, is currently under production and expected to ship April 16th for a suggested retail price of 39.99USD.

Robopon 2 Ring and Cross version carries the same retail price as Tactics Ogre; Ring version is expected to release on April 16th, while Cross will see stores on May 14th.

You can check out brand new English screenshots of all three games below, as well as some artwork for Tactics Ogre.

02.13.02 - 11:27 AM
Professor Gast