Koei Announces Magical Houshin

Koei is working on a new RPG for the Game Boy Advance: Magical Houshin. This new game is shaping up as a side story to the classic Chinese tale The Investiture of the Gods (Houshin Engi, or in Chinese Fengshen Yanyi), a novel often adapted in comic or game form - not a surprise from Koei, the specialist of Chinese classics adaptations, after another Houshin Engi adaptation, the Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and many others. The main character Sora, along with his training comrades Saiten and Mariin, has always been interested by the "Baobei", forbidden powerful magical instruments. The Human world, which was in peace until then, starts getting invaded by demons. Because of this, Sora's master gives the party the permission to use the Baobei so that they can investigate the cause of the demon invasion. Sora and his friends soon find out some are plotting to revive the evil empress Dakki (Daji in Chinese) and raise an army of demons. Will they be able to stop them?

Magical Houshin looks like any traditional RPG so far; Koei emphasizes the fact that the game will have a lot of hidden treasures and secrets. The Baobei can be combined into new, more powerful weapons. Magical Houshin will support four player game through the link cable. Also, the game can be connected with Battle Houshin, the GC battle game companion to Magical Houshin, to get new side quests with rare items in them. Magical Houshin is scheduled for this Spring, and needless to say, the chances of seeing it outside Japan are very small.

01.17.02 - 3:18 AM