New Super Robot Wars in Development

A new Super Robot Wars game is in the works by the folks at Banpresto. Entitled SRW Impact, this is the first SRW game that is being released for the PlayStation 2; the game will release on March 28th for 7780 yen ($58.91 USD), with a special edition that will include a special DVD that will include various artwork and TV commercials, and a PTX-033C Alteisen action figure for 9980 yen ($75.56 USD).

For people who are unfamilar with the Super Robot Wars series, it is a turn-based RPG/Strategy game where you take control of various mecha from anime series and fight a war on the side of humanity. Featuring high animation counts and voice acting during all battle sequences, the SRW franchise averages over 500,000 copies sold per game; an impressive number for a series that has spawned over 2 dozen games in the past decade.

SRWI seems to be an expanded story of the one first told in Super Robot Wars Compact 2 and will be unrelated to the new storyline started in Super Robot Wars Alpha and Alpha Gaiden. SRWI will feature units from old favorites such as:

Super Bestial God Dancougar
Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V
Raideen the Brave
Mobile Suit Gundam
Gundam 0080
Gundam 0083
Zeta Gundam
Gundam ZZ
Gundam:Char's Counter Attack
The Undefeatable Daitarn 3
Aura Battler Dunbine
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getta Robo
Getta Robo G
Shin Getta Robo

..And includes the following series for the first time since the battle engine was upgraded during Super Robot Wars Alpha:

Mobile Battleship Nadesico
Ninja Robo Tobikage
Machine Robo:Revenge of Cronos
G Gundam
The Undefeatable Zambot 3
MS Gundam:08th MS Team
UFO Robo Grendizer

...As well as original mecha designs and characters.

While much of the game system will be the same, the map will be an updated 3D version of the one that was first utilized in Super Robot Wars Alpha for Dreamcast.

Combining solid gameplay with anime mecha, SRWI is shaping up to be another winner that both gaming and anime fans could enjoy.

01.11.02 - 3:16 PM
WooJin Lee