Sakura Taisen Memorial Packs Announced

Sega has announced plans to release three Sakura Taisen Memorial Packs from January to March 2002. Below, you will find a comprehensive run-down featuring the release dates, (additional) contents and pricing of the three sets:

Sakura Taisen 1 Memorial Pack, January 17th 2002, Calendar, 3,800yen (30.70 USD)
Sakura Taisen 2 Memorial Pack, February 7th 2002, Memorial DVD, 3,800yen (30.70 USD)
Sakura Taisen 3 Memorial Pack, March 7th 2002, Music box, 5,800yen (46.86 USD)

Sakura Taisen 4 for Dreamcast is currently set for a March release in Japan.

11.30.01 - 5:13 PM
Professor Gast