Poll: What are your feelings toward Lunar Legend?

Our last poll asked what your preferred battle system is, and out of 1035 votes, real-time battle engines led the way, 30% of the votes for the standard real-time engine used in Final Fantasy VII, and 27% of them for the tactical semi-real-time engine used in Grandia. The basic turn-based battle engine used in Final Fantasy took 16% of the votes, while the tactical turn-based engine used in Lunar games had 12%. The remainder of the votes were for the real-time battle engine used in Baldur's Gate, or for those that have no preference at all.

This time, our poll asks what your feelings are in regard to the upcoming remake of the original Lunar for the Game Boy Advance, Lunar: Legend. Click the poll window on the navbar to vote.


11.27.01 - 7:28 AM