Xenosaga Media & Info Update

Xenosaga Episode 1: The Will to Power is only three months away and more info is emerging little by little. Today, we have the bios of the three newly revealed secondary characters and the game's ship Elsa, in addition to 38 nifty high-res screen shots, and a demonstration of the lip movement of MOMO (scroll down).

Cargo Spaceship Elsa
"The iron swan"

Length: 166 m
A high-speed space cruiser of the Lohengrin rank. The Elsa used to belong to a certain criminal organization, but when she became Mathews', he turned her into a freight ship, and the Elsa now sails as a member of the Kuukai Foundation fleet. Mathews has secretly given her a few hidden weapons and extra features the Foundation wouldn't allow, if they could see them. The inscription on the ship's side hints that its full name is "Elsa Von Brabant".


Age: 40
Height: 177 cm
Voice by: Unshou Ishizuka (Pr Oak in Pokemon)

Captain of the Elsa, Mathews is a big spender who constantly has debts. He currently owes a very important debt to the Kuukai Foundation and had to let his beloved ship get transformed into a swan-shaped cargo ship as a debt guarantee. His daily duties include solving possible conflicts onboard, repairing whatever needs repairing, and maintaining the ship's so-called Junk Room. He met Chaos several years before the beginning of the story and has been by his side since then.

Age: 29
Height: 178 cm
Voice by: Takehito Koyasu (Tatsuya in Persona 2, Kayama in Sakura Taisen...)

The Elsa's helmsman. Although he's usually a very kind man, as soon as he holds the ship's helm, he behaves totally differently. His great talent in piloting has saved the Elsa more than once. He's also a womanizer.

Age: 27
Height: 176 cm
Voice by: Taiki Matsuno (Virage in Langrisser V, Kikunojou in Sakura Taisen 2)

Hammer is the navigator of the Elsa. He may not look like it, but Hammer was a genius hacker at the age of 10. When he penetrated a criminal organization's database, his life was put in great danger, but he got rescued by Mathews, and has been Tony's and his friend ever since. Hammer is also a talented engineer.

MOMO lip-synch

11.04.01 - 11:40 AM