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Howdy review fans, it's good to see you all again. It's been hectic lately with all the reading I've had to do for my classes, but I managed to find time for all of you, so let's get going.

We start out with editor Dancin' Homer and his reviews. Nintendo's Pokemon Yellow is first and it also marks our first editor-written Pokemon review. We don't forget our fans, even if they are afficianados of the big N. Check out his review of the almighty yellow mouse here.

Next is DH's review of an old NES classic, and one that got much abuse from fans of the series, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It wasn't a bad game, in fact it was kind of endearing and novel. Find out why here.

On the PC side of things we have editor Tortolia's review of Microsoft and Turbine's MMORPG, Asheron's Call. I have yet to play an MMORPG (which might explain why I have a steady cash reserve and time to do anything ;P) but this one, I must say, sounds intriguing. Read all about it here.

Finally, we wind up with another in our steadily growing PS2 review collection, this time from editor TSG. It's of From Software's Evergrace and my steel gunning friend did NOT like it at all. It seems to be a sad trend of PS2 launch RPGs, but that's part of what a new console is all about, unfortunately. In any case, check it out here.

That wraps it up for this time. I've been getting some submissions, but it's been a bit slow. Send in some reviews people, I'm waiting.

Date Updated:
April 15th, 2001
Time Updated:
1:14 PM
Sensei Phoenix