Fan Fiction Update

Hiya all you literature-hungry RPGFans! Dancin' Homer here, back from a gaming binge and four reviews richer for it. However, the fan fiction section kept calling for me, so today I bring you two fics of respectable length for your reading pleasure.

Our first fic is from RaGeX, master of the Final Fantasy cross over. His fic entitled Final Fantasy X(XX) really doesn't need much explanation. Well, not from me anyway. After reading it, you might want to ask this guy a few questions. Click here to read it.

Our next fic is not quite new. In fact, it's sort of old. I present to you Bosofrod's Never Childhood, a rather massive Final Fantasy VIII fic that I posted unfinished some time ago. However, I've finished the whole monstrous thing and you can now read it in its entirety here. Get some coffee though, because it's a LONG read.

Well that makes one silly fic and one serious fic, so now it's on to Ring of Red. Basically, the game is one huge strategy RPG mecha battle after another, punctuated by terribly translated cutscenes and a storyline that seems vaguely familiar to a certain Squaresoft mecha strategy RPG called Front Mission 3. It takes place in the 60s, 20 years after World War II ended. Although historically inaccurate, it is the tale of a young mech pilot working for the South Japanese in order to hunt down a stolen secret weapon with the help of his partner Ryoko. However, the story is nothing compared to the gameplay. Expect typos and cheesy lines by the dozen.

Combat is surprisingly interactive and gives you the chance to have your giant robot and little soldiers blow up other giant robots and little soldiers in one-on-one robot combat. You actually get to watch as your crosshairs zero in on the opponent, and depending on where you fire, you can target different mech parts. Blowing up the enemy's main gun or blasting them in the knee cap can give you quite an advantage in battle. The game also includes quite a few special moves and allows you to bring human allies into battle for support. It requires quite a bit of strategy to get very far, providing an enjoyable experience as long as you ignore the story. If you're the kind of guy who enjoys explosions and burning wreckage (which the game has plenty of), Ring of Red might be for you. Still, rent it first.

Well, that seems to be all for now. Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, I did begin work on that Secret of Mana fic. It'll be all posted next update with another randomly chosen piece of fiction, so until then, keep on writin'.

Date Updated:
April 3rd, 2001

Time Updated:
9:53 PM

Dancin' Homer