SNK and X-Box News

SNK, makers of the Neo Geo arcade and home systems, and Neo Geo Pocket Color, has filed for bankruptcy in Japan. After having closed its offices in the US last year, the popular game and console manufacturer was bought out by Azure Ltd., but with a debt of 38 billion yen, they had to face the music. SNK, you will be sorely missed.

In X-Box news, more titles have been announced for Microsoft's expected golden boy.

Japanese developer, Takuyo, has announced three games for the X-Box. Two of the three are RPGs; Master Slave is an Action/RPG in which you play Shishiro Clandart, who has lost his memory and must recover it with the help of a girl, Iris (how original) and is due out winter of this year. The other RPG title, Runebrid, is a sim/RPG revolving around swords and magic and is scheduled for release this fall.

Meanwhile, Koei keeps the ball rolling with an announcement of an X-Box sci-fi/oriental fantasy network-enabled game entitled Crimson Sea. Koei plans to use technology implemented in their PS2 title, Kessen, to display huge numbers of characters on screen at once. The game is under development by Kou Shibusawa, of Romance of the Three Kingdoms fame, and is scheduled for a 2002 release, to coincide with a movie version.

The X-Box news keeps coming, as Media Visions, makers of WildARMS is planning to release a title for X-Box involving mice. Sounding like a cross between Chu-Chu Rocket and an RPG, this as-yet-named game will have the player controlling one of 20 mice, with the others being controlled by AI or commands. The game is expected for release soon after the X-Box launch.

And finally, Panther Software has announced development of an X-Box game entitled Metal Dungeon which, in a twist on the standard dungeon-crawler fare, has you playing cyborgs fighting against monsters. With 10 different character types and 12 different skill types, there should be some replay value to the title, whose release date is still unconfirmed.


Date Updated:
April 3rd, 2001

Time Updated:
7:40 AM

Sensei Phoenix