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The winners of the Japan 5th Game Grand Prix were announced close to TGS. Sonic Team's phenomenal Phantasy Star Online was the overall winner, while also garnering prizes for Excellence, New Wave, Game Design, and Programming. Yuuji Horii, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and the head of Sonic Team, also received a Best Creator Prize. Dragon Quest VII: Soldiers in Eden also received prizes for Excellence, Best Sales, Scenario, and General Public. Final Fantasy IX won for Excellence, Graphics, and Sound. Legend of Zelda: Mask of Majora also won a prize for excellence, while Blizzard's own Diablo 2 won an Oversea Work prize.

SCEA have announced that that US version of Dark Cloud will sport enhanced AI and a higher difficulty level over its Japanese counterpart. Dark Cloud will also have new bosses, moves, and levels when it releases in the US.

New information has been revealed on Square's forthcoming WonderSwan RPG, Blue Wing Blitz. You can choose to play one of two main characters: Kreid, a 16 year old Esk Republic Army officer and Payer, a 16 year old Esk senior airship pilot. Kreid, who is from Tadaga Village, is training to be an airship pilot. Payer volunteered to lead army forces to Tadaga Village to defend her own village. Blue Wing Blitz looks to be very similar in play to Square's Front Mission series, where you can upgrade your weapons and armor after completed missions.

Square was showing off their Final Fantasy II Premium Set at TGS. The collection will include Final Fantasy II, a white WonderSwan with Final Fantasy characters, a strap for the WonderSwan Color, and a special collector's box. The Final Fantasy II Premium Set is scheduled for release on May 3rd for 12000 yen (exactly $95.33 USD for the yen conversion anal retentive...yes, I have received mail about my yen conversion. :P).

Namco was showing their new WonderSwan Color RPG at TGS, titled Magic Formation WARs. No information yet except the story is divided in scenarios.

In more news from TGS, Takuyo has announced two RPGs that are in development for Microsoft's XBox. The first one, Master Slave, takes place in a fictious world where the main character must find his lost memories. The second is Runebrid, which is set in a world filled with medieval themes and magic.

Sakura Taisen 3 has grabbed the number two spot in Famitsu's Top 30, selling 216,306 copies since being released on March 22nd. Shouri no posu...kime!

As previously reported, Sega of Japan and were sponsoring the PSO Fan Cup last Friday. Well, the tournament ended the same day because hackers cheated and entered tweaked attack times. The tournament resumed on the 28th, though the top ten players may have to record their progress on video to validate their wins. The tournment will keep going until April 6th. Changes have been made to the tournament to eliminate cheating, such as the quest coming in three downloadable parts. Anyone interested will have to clear off 115 blocks on their VMU to download the whole quest. And yes, the event is only open to Japanese players and Sega of America have yet to announced a tournament of their own.

Square has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The movie is currently scheduled to release on July 13th in theaters. The new trailer will accompany new Paramount releases.

Similar to their promotions with Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, Coca-Cola will be sponsoring a promotion featuring collectible Final Fantasy X figures. So far only four figures have been revealed. The promotion should start later this spring.


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April 1st, 2001

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