Grandia Soundtracks: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Grandia's music, composed by Noriyuki Iwadare (also known for his work with the Lunar series), has now become one of the most diverse soundtrack series for such a short span of titles (only two games thus far). Today's soundtrack update almost completes RPGFan's soundtrack reviews for Grandia.

First is reader TerraEpon's review of the only arranged CD so far in this game's history, entitled Grandia Arranged Version: Vent. This great CD featuring piano played by Iwadare himself, some other instruments to help create a musical atmosphere, and one awesome vocal track adds up to one great arranged CD and one more great soundtrack review at RPGFan. Click here for the review.

Next comes the highly-sought-after new release from a small publisher that for some reason does not want the CDs to come to America: Grandia II: Povo (OST 2). After reviewing the awesome soundtrack "Deus" (OST 1), editor Parn decided to give us his views on the rest of the game's music...The result: Find out! Click here for the review.

Well, this will be the last soundtrack update of the year 2000. It's been quite a wild year for RPGFan, with server changes, new sections, new editors, and plenty of information and media to cover. Let's hope that next year will be a little less strenuous, but still entertaining (especially for me here in the soundtracks department!).

Early next year (January-February), expect reviews for the following soundtracks:

- Orchestral Game Concert 1 and 2
- All of the Genso Suikoden soundtracks released as of now
- Plenty of Falcom soundtracks
- About 10 Tokimeki Memorial soundtracks
- Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS and Piano Collection
- Tales of Eternia OST
- And much much more, depending on what you readers send in!

Again, thank you for this great year for RPGFan's soundtracks section, I'll see you in 2001!

- Ramza

Date Updated:
December 25th, 2000

Time Updated:
1:44 PM


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