Soundtrack Update: Dragon Quest and Double-Discs

Today's strange categorized soundtrack update brings us a total of 11 soundtracks, and two of those are very recent releases! To list, we'll start with the Dragon Quest, and move into double-discs. Ok? Good...

Dragon Quest: in Concert - A live orchestra CD, which also features another classical work not pertaining to videogames.

Dragon Quest on Piano Vol. II - Features music from Dragon Quest II and III, a very bland CD unfortunately though...

Dragon Quest IV on Electone - The first review of a four-CD line-up of "high quality synth" CDs.

Dragon Quest Best Selection 1: Roto - A review we once had written by Rudo, but was retracted and a new review is in its place by reader SonicPanda. A "Best" CD featuring Symphonic Suite tracks from Dragon Quest I through III.

Dragon Quest Best Selection 2: Tenku - Also written by reader SonicPanda. A "Best" CD featuring Symphonic Suite tracks from Dragon Quest IV through VI.

The next two soundtracks OVERLAP our categories...hooray!

Dragon Quest IV Symphonic Suite - A soundtrack that had three prints (all are explained in detail in the review), this great soundtrack is reviewed by first-time reader-reviewer Chudah.

Dragon Quest V Symphonic Suite - I put in my two cents on this great soundtrack in the treasured Koichi Sugiyama collection.

On to the other four...

Breath of Fire IV OST - I believe this is the first review of a soundtrack on any major site, so hooray for me! Major thanks to for a translated tracklist to what I consider the best soundtrack in the whole game's series! One of the two "recent release" reviews for today!

Falcom Ending Collection 1987~1992 - An unusual collection of end-of-game music from Falcom games such as Ys, Sorcerian, Brandish, Dragon Slayer, and many more! The great thing about this soundtrack is that disc two has music found nowhere on any other Falcom CD!

Shenmue OST ~Chapter 1: Yokosuka~ - This soundtrack is magnificent on so many levels...It features five composers: some great new composers, and some great OLD composers (Yuzo Koshiro, for example). One of the two "recent release" reviews for today!

Treasure Hunter G OST - According to Ramza's theory of soundtrack composition, this soundtrack is theoretically THE BEST. Why? The more composers, the better! This soundtrack features SEVEN composers, two of which are the awesome duo Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata (known for their greatest achievement: Final Fantasy Tactics OST). A soundtrack to the last Super Famicom game Square published in Japan, this is one awesome double-disc soundtrack!

Well, rather than list the links separately, just click here and look for all the soundtracks reviewed on 12/21/00. I hope you enjoy this update as much as I did making it!

For news on our next update, I currently have many options. In the near future will be reviews for Grandia II: Povo (OST 2) and Grandia Arranged Version: Vent. Also in site are reviews for the first two in the famed "Orchestral Game Concert" series, more and more Falcom CDs, all of the Genso Suikoden soundtracks in one update, and about ten Tokimeki Memorial soundtracks all at once. Which will come first? Who knows...But if you have a soundtrack that we haven't reviewed, E-Mail me and perhaps we can get another review together!

Bye-bye! =)

Date Updated:
December 21st, 2000

Time Updated:
8:36 PM


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