Have Yourself a Squaresoft Soundtrack Christmas!

Today's holiday-themed soundtrack update involves one special little soundtrack featuring a Chocobo Christmas song, and also news on an official MP3 released by Square for a new Final Fantasy Christmas song!

That's right! Squaresoft recently had Kenji Ito (known for his composition in the SaGa series) make a new version of the Final Fantasy main theme to sound like a Christmas song...The result is VERY impressive! No one knows whether or not this MP3 will be found on any soundtracks, but...Square just gave it to us for free, so who cares! The MP3 comes in either 64kbps or 128kbps, sizing up to 1.5 MB or 3 MB (respectively). You can find this MP3 on PlayOnline's Japanese site by clicking right here! Kenji Ito and Squaresoft are awesome!

To go with today's Christmas news, a special soundtrack has been reviewed by yours truly. The Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon OST appeals to me not only for its wonderful composition (by newcomer Masashi Hamauzu), but for a special 8cm disc that comes with the soundtrack. This "single" disc has two songs, one being a beautiful Christmas song called "Chocobo's Happy Christmas!" and the other called "Dream on Wings", another amazing orchestrated piece, though not holiday-themed. These tracks are not too well-known, but those who do know about it agree that it is very unique. And the OST is great too! For the review, click here!

Next update has been officially decided for a strange theme...Double-discs and Dragon Quest! We already have about 10 reviews ready to go, and we are only waiting for some final reader reviews to come in before the update...So be prepared for this great update!

Date Updated:
December 19th, 2000

Time Updated:
2:16 PM


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