Lengthy Monday News

Banpresto has announced a GameBoy adaptation of the popular manga and anime One Piece, for a February 2001 release. One Piece: Birth of the Dream Luffy Pirates Team will feature cable link use. Additionally, the game's ending can differ from the TV series' ending, depending on the player's choices throughout the game.

Another dating sim gets animated! The hentai PC game Comic Party, in addition to being ported (as a non-hentai game) to the Dreamcast, will yield a TV anime starting in April. 13 episodes are planned for now, though the series may last longer if it gets successful ratings.

Game version Anime version

Enix has started selling a card game based on the Dragon Quest series. Interested players in Japan can buy some starters packs. With the success of similar card games in Japan, the Dragon Quest card game is bound to be the new gimmick for card-playing RPGFans. Enix is already planning to hold a national tournament for the card game in the future.

The Spring Tokyo Game Show 2001 will be held from March 30th to April 1st, first day being professional and press only as usual. More to come on the games to be presented there.

Media Works will release a special edition of their Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku (also known as Eternal Melody) games for the... Saturn. The pack will contain 5 previously released Gensoukyoku games:

  • Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku
  • Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album
  • Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble
  • Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble 2
  • Yuukyuu no Kobako
    ...along with a number of collectors' items like a telephone card. The package, named Yuukyuu Gensoukuoku Perpetual Collection will be A4-sized and will be released on December 7th for 15,000 yen (but you get five games...).

    The PlayStation and PC hit, Eve Zero, is being ported on the Dreamcast, in an upgraded version that will include additional endings and new ending movies. Eve Zero: Complete Edition will be released on March 22nd for 7,800 yen.

    Artdink has announced a new installment in their Lunatic Dawn series: Lunatic Dawn Tempest will be released for the PlayStation 2 in February, at a standard PS2 game price of 6,800 yen. You can check out some screen shots and artwork for the game.

    Enix has announced a sequel to its popular monster game Dragon Quest Monsters (knownas Dragon Warrior Monsters stateside). The game will come in two versions: Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Marta's Mysterious Key: Ruka's Journey and Marta's Mysterious Key: Iru's Adventure. Both versions will be released on March 20th for 6400 yen each; the differences and connections between the two versions remain unclear at the time.

    SCEI is developing a new PS2 RPG/Adventure game, Sagashi ni ikou yo (Let's go look for it!) on theme of the friendship between a girl and a boy. You'll have to form a party of 2 people chosen among 10, and if you let the "friendship value" between the two lower too much, your adventure may end sooner than expected. Sagashi ni ikou yo should be released on January 11th for 5,800 yen.

    Lastly, the usual weekly RPG sales, for November 13th to 19th. It turns out it's a Game Boy week!

    Sales of week
    (Total sales)
    GBShin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Black ScriptureAtlus11/17/0050,801
    GBTales of Phantasia Narikiri DungeonNamco11/10/0031,935
    DCMercurius Pretty: End of the CenturyNEIC11/16/0016,072
    GBDoki doki densetsu: Mahoujin Guru guruEnix11/16/008,064
    N64Mario StoryNintendo08/11/006,418
    PSDragon Quest VII: Warriors of EdenEnix08/26/006,407
    N64Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren 2 (Mystery Dungeon - Shiren the Wanderer 2)ChunSoft09/27/006,285

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