The Poor Soundtrack No One Wanted

One of the less-sought-after CDs of the Final Fantasy soundtrack collection is a neat little trinket known as Final Fantasy Mix. This CD, released in 1994, contains unused and previously unreleased tracks from Final Fantasy IV and V. These tracks can otherwise be found on what are now very rare singles (all listed inside the review). To top it off, some arranged tracks are put on the CD. While the music is criticized as repetitive, boring, and even annoying, giving these tracks a chance could perhaps open your mind to a whole new world: house music. While I did not enjoy it much, perhaps you will. The review, which I'm sure you all want to read now, is here.

Some of you might be wondering how this soundtrack got its own update. Truth be told, it was actually supposed to go in the last update, but I forgot to mention it. Besides that, this CD does get overlooked too often, which is a shame.

The next soundtrack update will be larger, with many double-disc soundtrack reviews (which will be one of the two "themes" for that update). Remember, if you have a soundtrack we don't have a review for, consider reviewing it and contact me!

Date Updated:
November 19th, 2000

Time Updated:
12:44 AM


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