The Ultimate Soundtrack Update

Square, Falcom, Sakuraba, Miscellaneous, (Heart): With your powers combined, I am Captain Ramza! ... just kidding. :)

Today, we bring you a monumental update in our soundtracks section, crossing all kinds of update boundaries that have previously been followed. Here's the breakdown of today's 11-soundtrack, 8-disc and 8-8cm discs, update:

In Square
Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks - A comprehensive review involving this 8cm single, and listing all the other FF 8cms that we will not review on this site for reasons explained inside the review - link here

Live a Live OST - A review I had written quite awhile ago and had simply forgotten to put in the last update. Some of Shimomura's best work is on here - link here

In Falcom
Falcom Plus Mix Version - An 8cm disc that was part of one of the "Falcom Millenium Series Reprint" CDs, this single deserved its own review - link here

Falcom Special Box '89 - This review is partially comprised of explaining the three very different prints that this VERY SPECIAL Box went through, including front covers in all versions...This one took me a long time to write, so please read it - link here

Sorcerian Super Arrange Version III - Including information on the first print and the FMS reprint, this comprehensive review tells you all you need to know about this obscure CD - link here

Symphony Ys - Written by reader TerraEpon, this soundtrack review includes not only extensive writing on the well-done music, but printing information on all three prints - link here

In Sakuraba
Beyond the Beyond OST - An incorrectly manufacturer-labelled CD, this is actually a highly-arranged soundtrack and the ONLY soundtrack to this game...You'll be surprised how much better the music is than the game - link here

Valkyrie Profile Arrange Album - Written by editor Shiguma awhile back, this thorough review tells you all about the hard effort Motoi Sakuraba put into this arranged soundtrack, and the samples are something else! - link here

In Miscellaneous
Climax Landers OST - If you thought the game was entirely bad, think again: the music is definitely this game's redeeming quality - link here

Legend of Maten ~Real Dimension Music~ OST - The most obscure CD to be reviewed on this site or ANY major soundtrack review site to date, this soundtrack review should be checked out just so you can say "hey, I just heard crazy music from a really obscure soundtrack from a game I've never heard of!"...Trust me, I say it myself all the time - link here

Sailor Moon RPG: Another Story OST - Soundtrack to the only Sailor Moon RPG in existence, this one will definitely appeal to Sailor Moon fans everywhere - link here

Phew! Quite a list!

For everyone that helped with tracklist translation (KujataX, Shiguma, Feena) thank you SO MUCH for your efforts! Oh, and just so you fans know, this update also counts as "Sakuraba update 2"...So expect a "Sakuraba update 3" soon, covering Star Ocean: The Second Story Arrange Album, Valkyrie Profile Voice Mix, and the recently-releasedStar Ocean: The Second Story Space Fantasy Megamix. And, if we're lucky, we might be able to get a Shining: The Holy Ark OST review to round it all off.

Other potential updates could be a very large Dragon Quest soundtrack update (which is in the works), another miscellaneous update (which would feature the Breath of Fire IV OST, a great soundtrack), or possibly even MORE Square and Falcom. Also, in the near future, looks to be an Ultima soundtrack update featuring the two soundtracks from this series that I currently know of (if nothing else, they are definitely the first and last soundtracks in the series).

And remember, this site isn't much of anything without YOU READERS helping out! So, if you have some rare, obscure, or even popular-but-yet-to-be-reviewed soundtrack sitting at home, let me know and then you can have a review up on our site, something I'm sure we would all enjoy. Still high wants are Dragon Force series soundtracks, anything from the Lunar Lunatic Fiesta/Parade series, and any soundtrack with composition by Kohei Tanaka.

And to think I spent my 17th birthday making this update for you people...JUST KIDDING! This is my present to you! =)


Oh, the links on the right for eBay and are two places where you can find some of the CDs put up for review today.

Date Updated:
November 10th, 2000

Time Updated:
10:39 PM


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