Weekly Poll: Election Edition

RPGFan took a one-week respite from the weekly poll, but I'm sure that American RPG fans have gotten their fair share of daily political polls in just about every form of media and on just about every issue. But now the poll must go on!

Ever since the PS2 launch, a rekindled console war has emerged, with each side claiming victory for their favorite console's "superior game library". While we doubt we'll settle anything here (and we might just cause more chaos) we decided to post the following question:

"Which console looks to provide the highest quality RPGs for the remainder of 2000?"

Come on, go ahead and mark your virtual ballot! For those younger RPG fans, this will be the only chance you get!

Two weeks ago, we took a hard look at which PS2 launch RPG was the best. The winner was Orphen: Scion of Sorcery with 600 votes! However, 917 people said all the RPGs weren't worth the discs they were burned on. Anyway, the final results can be found in the poll archives.

Just so you know, the poll guy is casting his ballot, but that doesn't mean he's gonna parade around with that "I voted" sticker on his shirt. Until next week, take care!

Date Updated:
November 7th, 2000

Time Updated:
12:03 AM

Stahn Mahn