Crave Announces New RPG From Makers of System Shock 2

Crave Entertainment will be publishing a new RPG from Irrational Games, creators of System Shock 2. Called Freedom Force, the game will emulate a comic book style. You design your own original super hero or recreate your favorite character. The game will feature online multiplayer action and is set to release quarter three of next year for the PC.

Goo, an online store in Japan, will be sponsoring a reservation compaign for Dragon Quest VII on July 26th. Pre-order from them and you'll receive a DQ7 Memory Card case free.

Following in the recent trend, Kadokawa Shoten will be re-releasing Lunar 2: Eternal Blue under Sony's The Best label. The Playstation RPG is due back out September 7th for 2800 yen.

Worried about Grandia 2 after seeing the botched up job Sony did to the first one when it finally released? Happen to be a fan of the voice acting in Metal Gear Solid? Well, you're in luck, since Ubi Soft is going to be using the same MGS team to dub Grandia 2. So far Ubi Soft is sticking to a Christmas 2000 release date and roughly 30 to 60 percent of the game is already in English. And the game hasn't even been released in Japan yet! It's nice to see Ubi Soft taking Grandia 2 so seriously. Hopefully they'll do fans proud.

Hand of Red Sword is a new strategy RPG being developed by Sega. It features real time simulation where you construct buildings and other facilities to continue conquering land and defeating your rivals.

Camelot Software Planning is working on a new RPG for the Game Boy Advance. However Takahashi Hiroyuki, who confirmed this, could not reveal further details.


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Date Updated:
July 21st, 2000

Time Updated:
1:05 AM

Sumire Kanzaki

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