Tales of Phantasia GBC Pictures and Info!

Namco unveiled some info on their newest GBC RPG. Part of the Tales series, it's a ToP spin-off entitled Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon ("Narikiru" meaning "to incarnate, play the role of"). The game's introduction starts as follows:

One day, a shooting star fell from the beautiful, peaceful sky.
Inside the light of the star, you found two baby twins.
A robust, loud little boy, and a sleepy little girl.
13 years have passed; it is now year 4408 of Aselia.
In this calm, conflictless world, an adventure had just begun...

The story takes place a century after Cless and the characters of the original Tales of Phantasia lived. You will begin playing the part of one of the twins' parents; joined by Mel, the girl, Dio, the boy, and their cute pet Kluulu, your task will be to unravel the mystery behind the birth of the twins.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon's gimmick is the Costume system. By wearing different costumes, the twins can gain job abilities. For example, when wearing a Swordsman costume, you can attack with a sword; while wearing the Healer costume, you can use the "First Aid" healing spell. The costumes can be found in treasure chests throughout the adventure, bought in shops, or ordered; there are over 100 in the game. Dio and Mel earn "Costume Points" in battle, and must reach a certain amount of points in order to master a costume.

The battle system is a simplified version of Tales' traditional "LMB" (Linear Motion Battle) system. The dungeons are randomly generated. There will be over 20 dungeons and 200 monsters in the game.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon will be released in November of 2000 in Japan, and will feature GBC cable link and pocket printer use, although details about how they will be used in the game remain unknown. We've got 29 screen shots of the game and 2 pieces of Kousuke Fujishima artwork!

Date Updated:
July 18th, 2000

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5:04 PM


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