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Victor Interactive has a new Dreamcast RPG up for release in Japan this November. Tricolor Crisis is entirely 3D and takes place in a typical medieval fantasy world.

Rune Jade, the first Dreamcast game in Japan to allow online multi-player action, now has a new release date of August 24th on the other side of the Pacific. Previously, it was announced by Hudson that the game was being delayed and had been given an indeterminate summer date.

Square released Threads of Fate today. Known as Dew Prism in Japan, the action RPG features puzzles and two characters, each with their own unique story.

Enix of Japan has redesigned their website, soon to be followed by Enix of America. Japanese gamers can now particpate in multi-player online games, read online comics, and soon buy Enix games and various character goods. Yay, more plush slimes!

Diablo II is the fastest selling PC game ever, passing the one million sales mark on Monday.

When Square Company's network service, Play Online, launches, it will charge customers a monthly membership fee of 500 yen and then a monthly user fee of 1,000 yen. While this does seem like a lot, Final Fantasy XI, when it releases next fall for the Playstation 2, will only be about 1,000 yen. Square anticipates that they will have over two million Play Online members.

A new Final Fantasy guide is due out next month in Japan. No, this isn't Square going back on its word about Final Fantasy IX strategy guides. Instead, the book will detail the life span of the Final Fantasy series and provide basic information on the game. Called Why Don't You Play Final Fantasy, the book will be 160 pages long and retail at 800 yen. In related news, Yoshitaka Amano, the classic Final Fantasy character designer, will release a new book of sketches and paintings in September in Japan. I highly recommend his work, it's just amazing.

Tomorrow SCEI will release a new Arc the Lad album in Japan. Titled Arc the Lad Piano Album, the CD will feature twelve piano-based compositions from the trilogy. Produced in limited quantities, the CD should retail at 2854 yen.


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July 18th, 2000

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Sumire Kanzaki

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