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Greetings once more, my loyal review readers! Due to the overwhelming number of reviews I've been receiving lately, I've decided to do a sort of "Timeline" of RPG history (as depicted through reviews), starting with the trusty ole NES. Trust me, though, it'll be more fun that those ones you had to make for your History class.

Dancin' Homer has sure sent in a lot of reviews, and I just love it when I get reviews of older games. Sort of like collecting the whole set of Fleer baseball cards, those reviews help complete our coverage of all things RPG. First up is his review of SNK's classic action RPG, Crystalis. This is a review for the NES version (as there is a GBC version also out now), so read all about it here.

Next up is his review of Kemco's graphical/text adventure, Deja Vu. My appologies to all you French speakers out there since I still don't know how to do accent marks on the computer. Anyway, check out his review of the game here.

Then there's Homeboy's review of a strange little title that I quite enjoyed (but found way to hard), Falcom's (yes, THAT Falcom) Faxanadu. Yes, it was published here by Hudson Soft, but Falcom made the Japanese version. I know you all like trivia, right? Check out the review here.

And finally in our cavalcade of retro review goodness is a review of a personal favorite of mine, Kemco's Shadowgate. This is the game that spawned other titles such as Deja Vu and the Uninvited, the grandaddy of graphical/text adventures on the NES, as it were. I know you're excited, but calm down and go here for the review.

Well, that wraps it up for this edition of Sensei Phoenix's Retro Reader Reviews. Next time we'll take a step up to the 16-bit with a couple of Sega CD reviews (I hope). Later all!

Date Updated:
July 17th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:01 AM

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