Hoshigami is Back on Trail!

After having seemingly disappeared from the new releases scene, Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth, is back on trail and has just been announced for a September 28th release. Developed by Maxfive, the game had been announced about a year ago, without a precise release date. With a system very reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics, and anime-ish characters, the game sure looks promising. You can go check out 25 new screen shots, one new GIF, a map and some new artwork; Maxfive has revealed 5 new characters, namely Alvin, Romules, Jacqueline, Silfatos and Blackthorn.

The game will retail at a price of 4,800 yen, and will have a limited edition containing a deluxe fanbook and a poster!

Thanks to AD editor ElfShadow's Translation at a Turtle's Pace: Hoshigami, we have new information on the story as well as early translations of the new Official Hoshigami site! These include new character descriptions, new info, etc. You can check what the old character descriptions sounded like here!

  • Introduction
    • The light of the moon depends on the earth,
      The earth depends on man;
      Man returns home at the death of the moon.
      The moon, being the mother of ten thousand things,
      Is both kind and cruel,
      Bringing about all things,
      Taking back all things.
      We, who have entered this world,
      Have not the means.
      On this earth in times long past,
      A person stole the light of the moon.
      This person was called "Hoshigami." (Star God)
  • Characters
  • FazzSunshiny, Vivacious Protagonist, Fazz

    This game's main protagonist. A cheerful character who serves any cause with a positive outlook, using all his power. He has a simple, one-track mind. He is the type who will always do what he ought to do. Both he and Raymarie have earned a reputation as "Battle Helpers" in Nightwehrd. As the invasion of Vareim got bloody, chance had it that both he and Raymarie were hired on as sword arms in the same brigade.
    Through the upheaval of the war, as the continent Mahdias was overcast by the shadow of the strife of war, he learned of an existence, unknown to others, which planned to sink sink the continent, and hurled himself into the battle in order to stop this existence.

    ElenaMost Mysterious Heroine, Elena

    A sunshiny character with a cheerful voice. With a positive attitude, she seems to enjoy any challenge. Having developed a strong inner core, she is strong and self-reliant. She longs for tales of the past, as her birth and childhood are wrapped in mystery. Through the course of learning about Mahselva, she comes to act together with Fazz and company, who seek to unravel the mystery of Mahselva.

    TinChildish and Simple Tomboy Lass, Tin

    A girl who is a childhood friend of Fazz. As a result of her wonderful lineage, she is occasionally a little conceited at times, but when it comes to Fazz's affairs she acts in earnest.
    Though she might seem impudent, in fact she is often just acting. In actuality, she just wants someone to pay attention to her, since it is so lonely living alone at home.

    RaymarieSolitude-Loving Spear Expert, Raymarie

    Close friend of Fazz. A master of the spear who is taciturn and prefers solitude.
    As a taciturn lover of solitude, he comes from a place which has questions about the meaning of human existence; together with Fazz, he acts to seek that which he can't obtain by himself. He is more like an older brother than a rival to Fazz.
    Defeated by Alvin in a fight at Disohr during the beginning of the game, it is unclear where he is or even if he still lives.

    ArvinVainglorious Knight of the Empire, Alvin

    A knight of Vareim. Fazz sees him as a rival, begrudging him for the unknown fate of Raymarie. Born to an old family which has fallen from public prominence, he is currently popular thanks to a magnetic personality. He wishes to go far from the center of the Vareim Empire; however, under the circumstances he cannot leave. He acts vaingloriously in order to redeem his family's name on his own and to maintain his faith in himself.

    RomulesHot-Blooded Man Overflowing with Chivalry, Romules

    A broad-hearted, tall man skilled with the sword. As a man with a great appetite, his desire is "a weakness for wine and women."
    Since it is often the case that he acts without first thinking things through, he is the type of guy who is always trouble when you're with him. Since he is always concerned about Fazz's affairs, however, he also has a kinder, delicate side.

    JacquelineFemale Leader of the Thieves' Guild, Jacqueline

    Female leader of the Thieves' Guild who uses the upheaval of the war to mask her rampant crime spree throughout the continent of Mahdias.
    With a fairly flighty personality, clad in "bondage fashion," and laughing boisterously, her appearance dumbfounds the people in her immediate vicinity. Her subordinates are characters which, every time it seems that they have finally been defeated by Fazz and company, escape together. As a part of her "bondage fashion," she has a whip which she uses for no reason.

    SilphatosDescendant of the Priest of Wind, Silfatos

    The hereditary warden of the Mahselva of the wind, in the Tower of Wind.
    In actuality, knowledge of Mahselva has faded after a great many days and nights; presently, the place reported to be the place of sealing is protected; and both the method and place for releasing the seal are practically unknown. But, the transmission of information, drawing on the bloodline of the star gods of the legendary wind, was broken; without this, knowledge of how to deal with the Mahselva of the wind became lost. And what of the era of rituals for the lineage of priests to maintain the seal ??? She seeks to discover both by what means was the Mahselva protected for generations and what became of the star gods of the wind.

    BlackthornDeath-Dealing Jet-Black Knight, Blackthorn

    A stalwart knight who shrouds his body in jet-black armor.
    None have seen his face nor heard his voice; it is completely unknown both what his plans are and whether he acts out of any principle. He directed the assault of Fazz's home town, Disohr.
    Clad in sturdy armor, swinging a huge two-handed sword, he attacks using the highest level Coinfame.

  • Story
  • Synopsis
    • "Ruining Blue Earth"--set on the continent Mahdias, our main character, Fazz, is hurled into the midst of a battle embroiling the entire continent. Through the course of the battle, Fazz learns of the existence of a mighty power called "Mahselva." And, Fazz learned that there was an existence planning the collapse of the continent of Mahdias through the use of the power of Mahselva, a manipulator who was orchestrating the war from behind the scenes. Together with a group of friends he has met, Fazz hurls himself into another battle to prevent the collapse of Mahdias.
    • Legend of the World of Hoshigami
    • In the world of Hoshigami, several continents float in the sky through the power of the spirits.

      This is the story of Mahdias of the skies.

      In the continent of Mahdias, in ancient times, there was a country called Ixia Kingdom, which had developed a more advanced civilization than that of the present. Living in a pattern of cooperation with the spirits--dwelling together, granting each other mutual respect, and reciprocating aid--became the basis for their civilization, through the power of the spirits. However,among the people, a person named Vira appeared who had success fully created a power greater than that of the spirits. He was also successful in confining the power of the spirits in a special medium--namely, Mahselva. Using that power, he carried out the annihilation of Ixia and the extermination ofits people, and then founded a new kingdom, becoming its lord.

      In the aftermath, with the spirits being persecuted by the humans, their power was reduced to a mere abstraction. The spirits stopped appearing before humanity; the mightiest spirit, Elvira, caused the continent of Mahdias to sink, intending to destroy humanity. However, for love, Elvirasaved but one person out of the whole of the Ixian people, a Ixian youth named Sahnas. From there, Elvira granted power to Sahnas, that he might completely seal the Mahselva and topple Vira's kingdom; for this, she promised to support the continent with the power of the spirits. Sahnas, together with the divine protection of Elvira and six star gods, was finally ableto wholly seal the Mahselva, successfully overthrow Vira, and found a newkingdom. This became what is known as the second age of the Ixian kingdom. With the founding of this second age of the Ixian kingdom, it appeared the the connection between the spirits and humans had returned to its original state; however, the spirits, fearing the coming of a second or third Vira,did not show their forms to the humans. This is the usual legend of Sahnas.

      And, now, the people have forgotten the power and very existence of the spirits; these things have silently slipped into the recesses of people's minds, remaining simply in the form of "faith." However, the spirits, starting with Elvira, held to the promise made to Sahnas, and have until now continued to support the continent of Mahdias...... 

    The rest of the official Hoshigami page will be up shortly at Translation at a Turtle's Pace: Hoshigami! Many thanks to Elfshadow for all the help on this update.


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