Buy Front Mission 3, get a purse!

Squaresoft re-released a few of it's older PlayStation games earlier this month in what it calls the 'Millennium Collection'. There were four games as part of it: Brave Fencer Musashiden, Final Fantasy Tactics, and both SaGa Frontier 1 & 2. Each game came in special packaging, and came with various extra items, from FFT's zodiac clock, Brave Fencer's postcards, and SaGa's t-shirts. That was Collection 1.

The next group of games in the collection are set for a September release: Front Mission 3, Legend of Mana, and Ehrgeiz. Front Mission 3 will come with a metal figure, a keychain, and a... purse. I guess this is to appeal to the female gamers who weren't enticed by the large robots. Legend of Mana will come with a jeweled music box (that actually plays music!), and 2 figures. Ehrgeiz will include a diorama figure.

As if that wasn't enough, 3 additional games will join the Millennium Collection on October 26: Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve II, and two versions of Xenogears ('VS Elly' and 'VS Fei' are the versions; what the differences are remains to be seen). Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve II being re-released seems a bit soon, considering these new versions will hit stores before the originals have even been available for a year. Though if they include cool extra stuff, I'm not complaining. Said extras have yet to be revealed however.

Core Magazine recently conducted an interview with Mr. Iwata, director of HAL's internal R&D division, who are working on Mother 3. He was quoted as saying that the game "must be finished at any cost". Unfortunately he couldn't give a solid release date yet, and a US release is still unknown. The entire interview can be found here.

The first RPG from Namco's RPG subsidiary Monolith, entitled Khamrai, is tentatively set for release October 5 in Japan. Again, a US release is unknown.

Finally, we have a unique new addition to the release dates section today: Action Figures! With video game-related action figures and toys becoming more popular, we decided to list what's coming out, when they're coming out, and most importantly, how much they're gonna cost you. Head on over to the release dates and scroll down to the bottom for a listing of upcoming Final Fantasy VII & VIII and Chrono Cross figures.



Date Updated:
July 13th, 2000

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5:24 PM

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