Evolution 2 Contest Winners!

The Evolution 2 contest ended last Wednesday and we are now ready to reveal the winners so without further delay, here are the winners of the contest:

Grand Prize
Adam Estabrook

Runner-Up Prizes
Sean Lozier
Saya Thang
Steven T. Hall
Martin Jones
Tyler DuVall
Corky Speer
Kee Sung Kim
John Ingles Carrie (couldn't get your name)

As mentioned before on the contest page, the Grand Prize winner will get a copy of Evolution, a copy of Evolution 2: Far Off Promise and a Ziplight with Evolution 2 logo etched on it. All runner-up winners will get a free copy of Evolution 2: Far Off Promise.

Winners should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prizes although they might get it sooner.

We'd like to thank everybody who participated in the contest and if you didn't win, better luck on our next contest!

Date Updated:
July 9th, 2000

Time Updated:
6:30 PM