Evolution 2 Preview

Some people say it will be as important as the discovery of life on another planet. Others say it will be as significant as the mapping of the Human Genome. The extreme radicals think it will be even as important as the birth of warp speed. Then, all of us normal people in the world will call it Evolution 2 from Ubi Soft. Yeah, it's going to be a sweet RPG on Dreamcast, but warp speed would be pretty cool for getting to football practice on time... Er...

Anyway, I know I've been promising you all a preview of this game for the past 5 months and I apologize. After we had our weekly meeting in the RPGFan Staff Hut, Rudo stated that if there was no Evolution 2 preview on the site by tonight that he would make all of the staff play the Nintendo 64 version of Superman for 80 hours straight. For fear of what my fellow staffers would do after 80 hours of that... game, I decided to put the 15 hours of Evolution 2 gaming I have to good use. Here's a little clip for you.

"The CyFrame, for those who were not fortunate enough to play the first Evolution, is a mechanical device that basically can act as another limb or as one of many forms of weapons. In Mag's case, the CyFrame he has equipped acts as another limb with a crushing punch attack. While in Calcano's case, the CyFrame is in the form of a giant cannon on his left arm. Each CyFrame can be equipped with tools and elemental parts from the CyFrame shops found in town or in the ruins. These parts contain various physical attacks and magical spells. In order to learn these attacks, you must acquire TP points from battles. The higher the enemy level, the higher the amount of TP gained. TP must be spent in a careful manner. The amount of TP you have must often be saved for hours at a time in order to get the desired number of TP for a high level attack or spell. These attacks, once learned, are executed in battle by selecting CyFrame for a CyFrame user, or selecting Magic for a non-CyFrame user. Regardless of a character's ability to use a CyFrame, all special attacks from a CyFrame and all magical spells require FP. FP is basically magic points with an "F" instead of an "M" and holds no difference between the magic and CyFrame users."

To read the rest of the Evolution 2 preview, click here.

For those of you who have more questions of want me to hit some points I didn't mention in the preview, I encourage you to drop me an e-mail at I don't bite and I do respond. Also, check back at RPGFan tonight and tomorrow, you might be glad you did.

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June 28th, 2000

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