Too Much FFIX?

Square announced they will not provide any magazines or other publications with a walkthrough, solutions, or hints for Final Fantasy IX. They want players to finish the game on their own and get the full experience of the game.

A Final Fantasy Original Sound Track should release in Japan on August 30th for 3689 yen. The album will have 110 songs from the entire series, including two different versions of the Final Fantasy IX theme song, Melodies of Life. The compilation will be on 4 CDs and the packaging itself will feature lyrics and illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

Speaking of Melodies of Life, the single will release in Japan sometime in early August for 1300 yen. It will feature the two different versions of the song, a game version and a commercial version, meaning one's extended and the other is short.

Square has said that Final Fantasy XI, when it releases, will support up to 3000 players simultaneously in the same game on each of its PlayOnline servers. Square is also looking into an iMode network, so people can play Final Fantasy mini-games on their cell phones and use the experience and money earned in Final Fantasy XI.

The next installment in the Zelda series should appear on Dolphin within two years, according to Shigeru Miyamoto. He also lamented about how Zelda's transformation from 2D to 3D was much tougher than the new development for the Dolphin.

D3 Publisher will be publishing Simple 1500 Series Vol. 36 The Love Simulation ~ HuneX in Japan. Releasing on August 24th for only 1500 yen, HuneX is the Playstation port of a PC love sim game developed by Gainax (known for Neon Genesis Evangelion) and features eleven characters with a summer love backdrop.

Sony will rerelease the RPG Exceed my Corpse under The Best label on July 6th for 2800 yen. Little known in the US, the RPG concerns a family being cursed, resulting in an extremely short life span. The gods, however, take pity on you and mate with you to produce longer-lived, but still cursed, offspring to continue the fight against your enemies. It's people breeding at its best.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment has received a score of 32 out of 40 from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. If Eternal Punishment is anything like the prior Innocent Sin, the RPG world is in for an amazing experience. Atlus of America has already picked up the rights to Eternal Punishment and the game is due out sometime in November.

SoftMax Japan has announced a new RPG for the Dreamcast. Entitled Zephry's Rhapsody and developed by SoftMax Korea, it's a turn-based fantasy RPG. The PC version will be published by Falcom Japan.

Sega will be releasing a Dreamcast port of the PC game Magic: The Gathering in Japan for year's end. The Dreamcast version will support network battle and will make use of the Dreamcast Keyboard, the VMU, the VGA Box, and the Dreamcast modem.


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Date Updated:
June 27th, 2000

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1:33 PM

Sumire Kanzaki