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It's now been nearly three weeks since Legend of Mana was released and RPG fans have begun to pass this game or give up on it, depending on where their opinions lie regarding Square's attempt at something new. Reviews on various sites might seem to be the final word on whether this game was decent or not, but that's not so. The final word is determined by you, the readers. So, get ready to decide the final judgment for Legend of Mana!

"How did the non-linear storyline affect Legend of Mana?"

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Before we go into last week's poll results, let me just apologize for the poll fiasco early last week. The original script we planned to switch to was tested thoroughly (and it did work at that point), but when it was put into practice on the main page, it ultimately failed for no other reason than a bug in the script. So, that left me scrambling to find another poll script, which ended up being an updated one of the original poll script. That's why it took until Tuesday to get everything working again. Anyway, it works a little nicer and, along with its new output format, I hope you're all pleased.

Despite the problems I ran into, the poll registered a large number of votes! We asked our readers to decide which sub-genre of RPGs was their favorite. Traditional RPG came out on top, followed by Strategy RPG, and Action RPG, which was very close behind. A few people chose another sub-genre as their favorite and even less hate RPGs (why would they be here if they did?). The final results can be found in the poll archives.

It's Summer time folks! Since overexposure to the sun can cause you to become one crispy critter, be sure to find some shade and then think up a poll idea! If one comes to you, don't be shy. E-mail the Poll Mahn Stahn!

Date Updated:
June 25th, 2000

Time Updated:
4:59 PM

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